Leather Processing Chemicals

Chikatan Chemical Ranges

Chikatan chemical ranges are high performance leather processing speciality chemicals, comprised of Chrome Free tanning agents, Synthetic Tanning agents and leather dyeing auxiliary.

Category Products Chemical Character Benefits
Tanning Agaents
Mineral Based Chikatan CFT Metal complex with Silicate For all types of chrome free and wet white leathers as tanning agent. In combination with other natural and synthetic tanning agents it imparts hydro-thermal stability up to 95'C.
Retanning Agents
Vegetable Based
Chikatan TR Belonging to the pyrogallol group of tannins (TARA) Better light fastness compares to other vegetable retanning agents and also excellent fullness, roundness, better buffing properties, uniform and levelled color with fine grain in the resultant leather. It gives clear and more brilliant dye shades without iron stains.
Chikatan WTR Based On Caesalpinia Spinosa. Non-astringent natural tanning agent, imparts fine grain effect with soft & round handle, suitable for soft shoe nappa, garment and furniture leathers. Imparts excellent dry milling effect and induces brilliant & uniform dyeing effect without risk of iron stains. Also used in the production of wet white and chrome free leathers.
Chikabiotan CTU Based on Botanical tanning substances Excellent inner softness with mellow handle, low astringency, hence can be used along with other astringent tanning agents to improve roundness and overall handle of the leather, produces leather with light brown colour.
Synthetic Polymer Based
Chikatan CLN Condensation product of aromatic Sulphonic Acid Bleaching effect for white leather and excellent filling effect in the flanks, along with vegetable tanning agents ensures uniform distribution & penetration of tannins. It significantly lightens colour of the resultant tanned crust. Excellent compatibility with other retanning agents. It improves buffing & snuffing properties of the treated leathers.
Chikatan COS Replacement syntan based on Phenol "Excellent tight grain with round handling effect, ensures uniform distribution & penetration of other tannins with a pleasing colour of the resultant tanned crust. Good compatibility with other retanning agents and capable of increasing buffing & snuffing properties of the treated leathers."
Dyeing Auxiliaries
Chikatan PN Specially designed condensation product based on Naphthalene "Enhances penetration of the dye, ensures levelness of the dyeing and owns unique character of not lowering depth of the resultant shade.
Neutralising Syntan
Chikatan CPAK Mixture of Organic and inorganic buffering salts Excellent buffering action throughout neutralization. It ensures uniform neutralization inside leather cross section and improves the penetration of retanning agents, dyes etc.