Being a customer driven company, we are dedicated to achieve the right product quality and consistency and strive to reach beyond the customers’ expectation. Our products comply with all the necessary quality parameters as per the international quality standards. We offer a various range of products that meet the specific requirements of our customers and ensure their instantaneous service.


As our commitment to sustaining the environment we have designed and developed products which have no adverse effect or a very mild effect on the nature. We ensure that all our products are safe for use and eco-friendly.

Quality Assurance System

Our laboratory is equipped with the most advanced analytical instruments and an engaged and experienced team to ensure the right product quality and consistency in every batch. All the quality checks are performed as per international standard norms (ISO Standard) with stringent quality control mechanisms and every batch passes through the robust quality checks in three phases starting from raw materials to final products.

Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC)

The “Roadmap to Zero Programme”by ZDHC Foundation is leading an initiative across the globe towards the use of safe products and creating a cleaner environment and brighter future for the next generationon our planet. We are actively involved in adhering to ZDHC norms.


Our quality standard is at per ISO norms and our business process is certified by TUV NORD from Germany. We follow the International Standard norms (ISO Standard) for testing and maintaining the product quality of our products hence all our products are safe and ecofriendly.